Touch probe no longer going to be offered?

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.

I’ll cross my fingers and hope for a tool changer! Keep thinking the S04 will be announced right after I purchase. Currently using a friends upgraded s02 and getting sick of sharing. :grin:

Having a windows phone id rather the probe aswell lol

If they release shapeoko 4 before they get a proper set of assembly instructions for shapeoko 3 I’ll be very disappointed.


It’s not a new machine. We’re going to restart work on the touch probe pretty soon though.
@1st_Kiwi_Nomad, good guess but not quite :wink:


Well that’s fantastic news, I’m glad to be wrong and glad the touch probe is still going to happen :slight_smile:

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Can we get the features that used to work in CM3 working in CM4 before adding a new SuperDuperGoBuyAnAndroidTablet interface, or WashYourClothesWhileDoingCNC attachment?

I’ve sent these issues in to the beta email a couple times now with no response. I sent an email to support and got a response, very quickly (Thanks Will!), at this point I’m just trying to roll back to CM3 and Grbl 0.9, albeit unsuccessfully :frowning: I have said before, I really like new features, and I really like the new smoother CM4, but the missing/broken features make my machine a doorstop and adding “new” features does not solve the current bugs (especially if I have to buy more hardware just to make my machine functional again). I’m sorry for the public rant, but I’m getting really exhaustipated at this point. Are these features/bugs going to be corrected?

Thank you,



Update: With the help of Will at at Carbide support I was finally able to reflash back to Grbl 0.9 and CM3. All appears to be ok now, so I will quit moaning and go back to my previously programmed day :slight_smile:



Is the new offering a Carbide 3D pendant?

The touch probes should go into production next week. We’ve got the Haas tied up making Nomad vises for a few days and then we’ll start on the (hopefully final) probe design.

We did start a pendant project at the end of 2016 and even had some PCB’s made. When we shifted to Carbide Motion 4, it became less necessary because we can just add a jog interface available over the network on your phone or tablet. Maybe we’ll go back to it at some point if there’s a demand.

Just to be clear- no new machines are in development at this point.


On the pendant front, there’s a lot of easy functionality which can be had just by connecting a Wii Remote or wireless numeric keypad to the computer and using that.

@robgrz — I’d dearly love a button assignment for go home which could be mapped to a user-defined location for tool changes

Even better would be to add in support for a jog wheel such as the

(Tormach also uses this re-badged: )

There’s a bit written up on this sort of thing on the wiki:

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You say production…are we to to pre-order? And any projected price for the probe?

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I’ve been holding off building my own, waiting for this probe…getting closer yet?

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Oh yeah, and FWIW, I was totally wrong in my guess. That said, I did what little I could to help the surprise project along — but no idea when it’ll be released. Hopefully soon.

Touch plate a must, crazy not to have one for any machine you are milling on. Ready to see it.


Is the surprise a 4th axis addon?


i want to mega like that idea!!!

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How are the touch probes coming along?

Looks like they’re coming along nicely in this instagram pic:

Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.


The big surprise hasn’t been announced yet, right? We know it’s not a new machine, or a pendant… the touch probes are in production, so that’s not it…

The suspence is killing me! :grin:

Also: I want a touch probe! When will these be available for order?

The big surprise was announced, it was Carbide Copper:

The Probe is in production (photos posted to Instagram) and testing (at least on person on the forum, @RichCournoyer has mentioned it and answered questions).

Maybe the June blog post/announcement?