Touch probe no longer going to be offered?

(Jeremy Proffitt) #203

Will - they ever make any more? Seems like this is something you would keep in stock, hard to wrap my head around a company that doesn’t keep accessories stocked up.

(William Adams) #204

It’s a piece which requires very precise machining, and we’re a small company with limited production facilities (though we are trying to expand upon that). We hope to have them back in stock (and keep them in stock) come the end of the month:

(Jeremy Proffitt) #205

Too Precise to mill out on my new nomad?

(Jeremy Proffitt) #206

I, BTW, sold my chinese cnc and picked up an XXL from Matter Hackers.

(William Adams) #207

Some folks have made compatible blocks using the dimensions which have been written up. It would be challenging on a Nomad, but should be doable — I think it’d be easier to do on a Shapeoko where you could use a suitably long endmill.

(Ken Chalk) #208

It is still avalibel. Just got mine in the mail last week 6/8/2018. It is worth the wait. Keep a close I on the sale page and don’t hesitate to buy it when it is in stock - it sells out fast.

(Jeremy Proffitt) #209

I’ll probably build one just to use when precision isn’t really an issue, then keep a good one around for when it is.