Touch probe no longer going to be offered?

The big surprise hasn’t been announced yet, right? We know it’s not a new machine, or a pendant… the touch probes are in production, so that’s not it…

The suspence is killing me! :grin:

Also: I want a touch probe! When will these be available for order?

The big surprise was announced, it was Carbide Copper:

The Probe is in production (photos posted to Instagram) and testing (at least on person on the forum, @RichCournoyer has mentioned it and answered questions).

Maybe the June blog post/announcement?

I’m testing in phases. How it works as a standard probe (or probe test, passed) How the machines works with a probe attempt to it. (Passed). And How the probe macro works (starts today or tomorrow).

We want this to be right.


Ohh awesome, thanks Will!

I knew about Carbide Copper, but I saw it before reading this thread where the surprise was mentioned, and didn’t put two and two together.

Should Carbide Copper have a thread in the Announcements forum? I went there thinking that there would be an announcement when the “surprise” was announced but didn’t see anything. I read the “about Announcements” post and it seems like a placeholder… ohh well.

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Awesome! Sounds like fun!

Thanks @RichCournoyer for posting up the probe you have and the short video! It seems pretty far along in testing and the fact they’ve released it to a few select folks here is really encouraging on % complete.

Any guesstimate on ETA and likely cost?


Bump - any updates for us?

I have a new video in my IG. (Using the touch probe on the watch case)


IG? IMA (I’m Terrible at Acronyms), can you enlighten?

You will be better off making your own, then waiting on this version being released.


Agree w/ @fiero1 that IG would be Instagram in this case.

(don’t feel so bad — recently a photographer handed a young model a Polaroid camera as a prop for a photoshoot, he immediately felt old when she exclaimed, “Oh my God! It’s an Instagram!”)


Soooo… When is it going to be available?

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I want to be first on the preorder list. Please send me a order link. Just take my money.


It would be nice if they gave the current Shapeoko owners first crack at them.


no no no, nomad first :yum:

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Agreed! But sadly I suspect these will not work with the Nomad. Anyone know for sure?

It was mentioned that there would be an effort to work out a way to make this work on a Nomad — presumably an adapter cable and maybe some additional software.

These will BUT…your electronic enclosure is MUCH tighter than the Shapeoko and not as easy to get too, so I think you would need to drill a hole for the cables, and most Nomad users don’t own a hand drill…

I’m KIDDING on the hand drill part…


What’s a hand drill?


Some thing like this?