Touch probe no longer going to be offered?

(Tito) #163

For Christmas I’ve often asked for one but have never actually gotten a round tuit.

(Rick Miller) #164

Seems like there should be a reasonable way to test and calibrate for belt stretch. If we had a machined unit that had a square opening in the middle that was EXACTLY 20 mm in both the x and y directions we should be able to create a macro that would touch each side of the opening show us the measured dimensions. If we don’t like the measured results, we could use those measurements to compute the adjustment to the x and y steps/mm. I suppose the macro may even be able to do those calculations for us.

You could do something similar with the z-axis with a unit that had a machined step that was exactly 20 mm high. A macro would touch the upper and lower step and display the measured dimension between the two. I suppose you could combine the two with the z-axis steps inside of the opening mentioned above. Then this could all be done by one macro to give you all three results for all three axises.

(William Adams) #165

Yeah, that’s part of why I was expecting the circle to be used for probing on the Carbide 3D probe.

(Rick Miller) #166

Actually, the circle is probably intended to measure the diameter of the bit and set the x and y origin.

(Rick Miller) #167

I wonder if the reason we’re not hearing anything is that they’re having issues with production. These will need to be machined to some fairly tight tolerances to be easily usable without a lot of tweaking. If they farmed that machining out it’s possible the units they’re getting back are not measuring up. Higher quality machining probably means higher costs.

(Jim Amos) #168

The Winston Moy “calibration video” on YouTube has some good Amazon links for a dial gauge and magnetic arm package. I think under 30 bucks and you can check machine movement easily.

(Rick Miller) #169

I’m thinking of something that could be used much easier to check the calibration. My suggestion wouldn’t really take any more time than a probe to set the x, y and z origin. If the check shows that something is out of whack then it would make more sense to pull out the big guns and do a more complete calibration.

(Leith) #170

Hi All

Has the title of this thread finally become reality? It’s a long long time since this product was anounced, last year if i recall correctly, we are in August now. It would really be great to know if and when it will ever be comming out.

(David) #171

Same here i would love to have one for mine.

(Anthony) #172

They must have run into some large unforeseen issues as they seemed ready to go on this not that long ago… earlier in this thread there are shots of what look like production quantities of touch probes… I can’t imagine them getting that far without passing a rough “it works” phase…

(William Adams) #173

The probes work, and have been tested by folks outside of Carbide 3D (@RichCournoyer) — you can look up the posts here. Hopefully they’ll be released soon. Probably when Carbide Motion 4 is production ready, so if one wants to help, test that?

(Leith) #174

Okay, I will test that. Thanks for the update Will.

(Luke) #175

I’d help test :smiley:

(Paul) #176

I have a Nomad Pro and a SO3, so I would be willing to test.

(Dan Nelson) #177

Would love to test! Where do I sign up?


(Patricio Suarez) #178

Count me in for Nomad Classic!!

(William Adams) #179

To test please see:

(David) #180

Ill help test please

(Josh Tenny) #181

I’m happy to help test 408 as well.

(Max) #182

Hi Luke,
I’m using a third part probe too, (p3) which is a different size respect the Carbide3d probe, and it goes with CM4; I checked for the correct offsets with a magnifier to modify them in x, y and z axis, simply subtracting some millimeters and decimals, from the zero point after zeroing. I think that any probe could work if we get the right dimensions… this is not against the carbide3D Guys, but I needed a probe and their one isn’t available yet, and I’m in Europe, so how long? And how much?