Touch probe problem

Hello, I’ve been trying to get the touch probe to work for a while, but I can’t. I tried the different wiring mode presented here: The card used is version 2.4. When I connect the electrode to the ground (using one of the controller fixing screws) and I make the contact, the controller shut down (as soon as I stop the contact it turns back on). I can’t get the red LED when contacting. I have updated the firmware (GRBL V1.1) and I use create motion 5. Any idea to help me?

Sounds like a short.
Can you get a photo of your connections?

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(Electrode is not on this image, but you can see where I attached it).

Just my $0.02:

any chance that when you grounded the probe in that lower right corner you showed, it contacted with the pin header nearby (circled in the pic below)?

Unless I am mistaken, one of those pins is wired to 24V, so an unintended short to GND there would…be bad.


I’m sure, there is no contact with this pin header.

I disassembled the probe and i saw that the red wire was pinched under the screw ! It was the reason of the short !
Now the probe works !
Thanks for your help.


Good detective work Ben, and I’m sorry for the mistake on our end. If you’d like us to replace the probe, just shoot us an email.

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