Touch probe setup question

Thanks for your response. I’ve tried heights from 1mm to 15mm. The cutter touches, led goes red, probe continues to touch, harder, led remains red until it errors out or I stop it manually. The target now has enough divots in it that I’m concerned re accuracy. No more tries til I hear from C3D.

More problems. Checked the wiring again, disconnected and reconnected the 5v and green/white to probe terminal. Turned everything back on and now the cutter will not connect in CM and the green led in the probe does not power up. The machine is dead

Solid blue led on the board (v2.3), no blinking red.

WTF, disconnected the probe from the board, powered on, board and CM back in communication, homed ok, jogs ok. Re connect probe, no comms.

I would guess bad probe — please e-mail

Jorge got right back to me. New probe (held back a few for emergencies :+1:) on the way.
Gotta love that C3D customer service.

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Good luck, hope all goes well!!

This definitely doesn’t seem right! !
Does it offset it each time like that?

It wasn’t quite 1/4 inch, more a few MM, but yes, it was consistent.

Mind you , I have only had it for a few hours… But it’s pretty fool proof in the operation.

I will ask the guys if this is what it is supposed to do or not. The key is it being consistent, if that is always true then it’s not an issue. We usually include a border around the cut, so for this it might mean the border may need to be extended slightly.

I’m sure we are all in for a bit of a learning curve here, me for sure, having zero machining experience prior to Shapeoko

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This looks like the same result MrBeaver is getting. This is not how a touch probe should work. I hope this is a user error and not what I bought from carbide. I get my probe tonight, so I will soon find out.

If you have a .25" bit and tell CM that it is a .125 bit will it find zero correctly?

My touch probe is working perfectly?

In your youtube video ( you have the same issue as NickT. The bit is not over the X&Y zero, but CM is reporting you to be at zero. That’s a big deal. When zeroing your bit the center of the bit should be at zero, not the outside edge of your bit.

Did you find a solution that will fix this?

Got you!

The offset is just a case of putting a half your tool diameter as an offset into the program. Ideally it would be centre but this has been my workaround. I’m hoping there is the option to change this in the next v of CM.

It’s still way better than working without a probe.

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I also see a limitation in the selection of bits in the drop down. I have job that start with a bit not on that list (0.75 bowl bit), so this leaves me with using the old fashioned manual method. Otherwise I will end up doing multiple bit changes without doing anything.
So yea, I think once the guys see some feedback and use cases then updates will be made. Still and all, I am really pleased with this, quirks and all.
Without naming anyone, but someone who has had a fair bit of experience with the probe did confirm that the offset of the bit is by “design” and was also hopeful it would change to be above the corner of the stock.

Keep on cutting…

PS: Sorry for hijacking the original issue of this thread :slight_smile:

No worries, this is all good stuff for us noob probe users. The original issue is taken care of.

Maybe we should start a thread specific to the new probe?

How would one accomplish that? From the perspective of a noob, zero gcode experience new-to-the-concept probe user. And, is this offset permanent or does it need to be reentered at the start of each job?

I’m sorry but this isn’t how a probe is suppose to work.

Especially not for the money I just paid for one
Why would the program even ask for thr bit size if it wasn’t going to automatically offset it?

I’m going to check with support but if this is how it was designed, I’ll be sending my defective probe back!

I guess it doesn’t matter that CM asks for the bit size because with a 1/4" bit in I said it was an 1/8" bit and still landed
on the edge not center like should be!

You guys are making me look forward to getting to use it tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: Fortunately everything sounds like a software issue regarding positioning so I’m sure a patch is coming.

I put a offset in my fusion 360 program. If using a 6mm bit I put in a 3mm offset on the datum. Unsure how it would be done in CM.

@ray the bit will be perfectly aligned to the bottom left of your stock, just not centred on the datum. I too was surprised by this as will see in my video. However this is the first release of CM with probing so it might change (I too would like it to) but at present I can’t even use my probe on a dedicated pc.

All in it’s just a tiny tweak to the code used for it to align as we hope. More feedback more chance of change I guess. Atlas you can find the same position time and time again on any piece of work, and probe Z

@ItsDan - it is very useful having the probe. Even with the above I was not disappointed