Touch Probe Update - Back in Stock

thanks Jorge! Ill have to wait patient by the phone.

The batch might go quickly, but we are already working on the next batch

Seriously. Is this really better than preordering?

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Awesome just ordered my touch probe


Heads up to everyone- we thought we had enough probes to last a week or more until the next batch was ready but they’re moving VERY quickly. If you want one, we’d recommend that you buy it ASAP.


Yeeha…ordered mine and I hope I made it in time. Now to finish wiring my S3 and grab a laptop from my brother in law so I can get using it instead of having it sitting on dining room table.

I am surprised my dearly beloved has not commented on it yet🤔

And now we’re out again. The good news is that we have all of the packaging, electronics and cabling in stock to make a lot more. We’re got another batch of aluminum bodies half-done so we can probably start assembling the next batch early next week.



Could be worse though…at least I don’t have a working machine so a SMALL delay won’t be too traumatic :roll_eyes:

I forgot all about ordering one, looked online and they were gone, then my GF sent me a message saying she ordered one earlier today. Made my day!


Wow. I’ve been waiting for most of this year for this to in stock, “…in just a few more weeks!” and there wasn’t enough to satisfy demand for 4 hours? Please tell me I won’t have to wait until 2019 and that there will be enough to meet at least the “wait list” demand for the next batch! I’ve been counting on having this for my 2018/2019 build season and extremely disappointed that stock was so woefully underestimated.

Any thoughts on putting this up as a pre-order so you can build-to-demand and fulfill as you go? I’d gladly pay up-front to be in that queue!!


That’s a great GF!!!


Am I the only one that can’t imagine asking my wife to buy me a three axis touch probe without cracking up before I got the question out. All in anticipation of the face she would make.


I can’t even picture that interaction. I don’t see myself asking that, but if I did I can imagine the amount of questions would be higher than me just taking the day off work in anticipation of pressing the “Buy now” button for the probe. It’s odd too because my wife is pretty handy and understands most of my tech babbling (perhaps she’s just good at smiling and ignoring me?). She’s picked up materials and tools from the big box stores for me, but “3 axis touch probe”, nope.

Had a girlfriend buy me a guitar once, 70’s something Gibson SG, spot on, but I don’t think I would have asked her to buy the probe either. Good thing I was somehow a first batcher!


believe me… before i explained what a touch probe was, she was down to get one, even after i explained it was for the router.

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They have them it seems


Wow She’s a keeper!!

The problem we had before was wiring and electronics availability. Our local vendor wasn’t able to keep up with our demand so we had to go to a bigger vendor. We now have have a solid inventory of those parts so it’s only aluminum that we’re waiting for, which we’re running as I type.


Got the email, was not able to immediately get online to purchase and by the time I was able (like 4 hours or so) they were sold out again. Yay.

Don’t know who this guy is (smirk) but he’s selling a version.

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I wondered how long it would be before someone mentioned the elephant in the room :slight_smile:

Any updates on when you’re expecting stock to be replenished?