Touch Probe Update - Back in Stock

(Erin Ennis) #21

Any updates on when you’re expecting stock to be replenished?

(Jorge Sanchez) #22

Probes are going back in stock tomorrow at noon PST.

(Gary Mitchell) #23

Oh Boy! Setting my alarm now!

(Bruce Cosper) #24

They are back in stock

(Benjamin Rockwell) #25

And out of stock. Missed them again.

(Danellyn) #26

Better put a “ring on it”

(William Adams) #27

Please sign up for e-mail notification on the stock page, using multiple addresses if possible. See: Was the probe released already?

(Rob Grzesek) #29

The next batch is almost done being machined so assembly will begin in a few days. This next batch should be enough to satisfy demand for a while.

When did the shapeoko touch prob will be available?
(Jorge Sanchez) closed #30

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