Touchplat3 v1 not zeroing

I have touchplate v1 and generating gcode with vectric cut2d pro.
Using the touchplate xyz to zero the bit on the stock. As an example i use a micrometer to measure thickness of the stock. Latest example is 0.617 inches. Set the plunge depth at 0.625 inches. The bit does not cut all the way through the stock, stops short 50 thou.
Seems to be consistent with thicker stock.
Any ideas?

Which Z-axis does your machine have?

If you also face off the material and then measure two cut surfaces how does this compare?

Hey, what can I say, other than I had a “Senior’s Moment”. Resolved it simply by thinking about the z axis zero function.
Getting old is no walk in the park especially when one has arthritic knees.
Thanks for your response. I appreciate it

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