Touchplate Redux

I decided to investigate touch plates. Because I have the Shakeoko from Sparkfun with the non-standard controller I was worried about using the “active controllers” like the always-out-of-stock carbide unit.

This fairly recent video seemed to provide a good solution for me (the Sparkfun has two probe screw terminals which accept two wires directly). I don’t see anything in this forum so here is the link:

Shapeoko with ebay probe

He seems to be talking about this (now $39):

CNC Corner Zero finder/Touch Plate/Edge Finder/XYZ origin

Note that the seller lists a much more elaborate configuration routine which I think is because instead of just centering on the hole he is finding the x-y edges of the plate(?)

Anyway I am willing to invest in this. I think I may also buy one of those cheap chinese Z plates for which ebay has about 100 listings–for $3 what could go wrong :wink:

Here’s the one I made on an XL in Fusion 360.

Drilled and tapped for an M3 screw to make attaching wire easier (I just use an alligator clip).

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I think that in order to use that hole for centering, you need a macro that might limit which software apps you can use.

I watched the video though and that SourceRabbit g-code sender looks pretty nifty.

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