Tracing something from video game

Has anyone taken a picture from a video game and been able to use the software to race the image? Is this even possible? Thanks for any info.

I suspect it will be no different to use a video game / screen capture that any other image source: the bitmap image will lend itself well to tracing if it composed of a number of high-contrast areas, with clean frontiers, and relatively “flat” fill. If we are talking about a typical highly complex video game scene with lots of tiny details, complex shading, and antialiasing/blurring on edges, it will probably not work so great.
Did you have a specific scene/video game in mind ?

Yes, the crate of tea from the Sea of Thieves game. Making a tea box for someone and they are into this game and am planning on surprising them with the carving on top.

Post the image?

Is there an art book for the game?

I don’t play that game, but is this what you are going to make?

Yeah, just the paper on top. I want to put it on the top of the box.

Sorry, Robert beat me to it!

I would do my best to take a top down screen shot of this as straight as possible, then insert it as a background in Fusion 360, size it appropriately, and trace it with a sketch, then extrude it to the depth you want.
You can also use Inkscape to trace a image and export it to Fusion 360.

just to illustrate CC’s image tracing feature when having the proper source: I found this part of the map on thingiverse,

which after tracing in CC and 10second clean-up gave:

The second part of the map (the leaves) can probably be found somewhere too, or re-drawn

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That’s great! Thank you so much.

Thank you! I really appreciate it.