Trade My Money for Your Shapeoko Expertise?

I’m in Los Angeles, and I need help.

Our small but growing manufacturing company in SoCal is coming online with our first CNC machine, a Shapeoko 4. I also have a full-time job and am always buried. I need help setting up and operating this new machine.

I’ve never owned or run a CNC machine, but I’m a quick study and motivated learner. We also have a very cool Epilog laser machine in the shop, for cutting and etching.

The company is six years old, healthy, and poised for growth. I’m seeking someone part-time to help learn and run the machine, as well as long-term for ongoing production. Hours very flexible. I’m thinking either a student or someone retired might be an ideal fit.

We make an ultra high-end guitar accessory that is popular and sold all over the world. Our stuff rocks. Guitar interest is a plus.

Great guy, fun company.

PM if interested, or post questions here.


Please note that for the basics and initial setup of files and so forth, everything really ought to be covered:

and please feel free to write in to

Will, thanks so much. I’ve literally had the machine for six months but am always so terribly busy. I’m hoping to have it set up by Monday 01/10.

However, it is faster and more expedient for me to hire someone to get me up to speed on the software and initial cuts vs struggling for 3-6 months, as I did on laser, and miss a great deal of sales to my customers. Some of my materials DO NOT cut well with laser.

Thanks Again,