Tramming a Z-Plus

I finally broke down and bought a set of 1-2-3 blocks for tramming my Z-Plus mount.

Are there any instructions on tramming the Z-Plus?

Any info would be helpful!!

I just trammed mine. I removed the spindle mount and used shim stock on the bottom in my case to rotate the spindle. This adjustment is working good for me.
Winston has a you tube video showing two different methods for this adjustment.
I did attempt to make the adjustment removing the X-axis gantry and cleaning the powder coating from the bolt holes. I was not able to get enough adjustment and was a lot of work to remove and replace. My machine is in a to tight enclosure.

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Steve, can you explain that in a different way? I’m seeing double trying to understand what you described. :smiley:

I guess I should have said that the method I used was learned from one of Winston’s video’s. He has done at least three videos of how to tune your Shapeoko on you tube.
I used the shim behind the router mount method he talked about in a video from 6 months ago.
He did one video 3 years and ago and another 1 year ago and the one from 6 months ago.
Loosing the bolt on the x-axis gantry did not allow me enough rotation of the x-axis to completely remove error.
Sorry for the double vision


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