Tramming issue front to back

Surfacing my waste board and left to right it’s absolutely smooth (thanks to Winstons video) but I can’t get the front to back perfect. I would say the ridge I feel is about as thick as a sheet of paper (maybe slightly more) but using Winstons method that is as close as I can get.

If you don’t know his method it was to loosen all 8 bolts on the end of the X carriage and then twist it (using non marring wood clamps) and while holding pressure on it tighten the bolts. I did this and it helped slightly but the front edge of my 1" surfacing bit still digs in a tiny bit more than the back.

I really would like it to be better (or even perfect) but Winston mentioned taking the X carriage apart and reaming out the holes and starting over and I would like to avoid doing that if I can.

Is there a better way? Or, should I just accept it and take it all apart and ream out the 8 holes on the end of the X carriage?

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I went though the same and found out the only way for me to get perfect tramming was to shim the router mount. Figure out which way it leans then insert a shim between the top (respectively bottom) of the router mount and the Z-plate. No need to mess with the gantry anymore once it is reasonably trammed, as you mention it can turn out to be a nightmare since everything moves a bit when fastening the screws.


I did the same thing, I used brass shim material that comes in sheets of different thickness and I cut little strips and placed them between the mount and the plate right by the screws that hold the router.


This is my board. I am having the opposite problem… Y axis. I just ordered the 123 precision blocks for my router mount, but I like the idea of the shims to help with x axis. I will try that too. Good luck @tmorris9👊

Mr. Beaver’s “easy tram” mount is pretty nice for the left/right problem…


Julien, thanks. I was concerned about undoing the router mount since I had the left to right dialed in but decided that was a better option. One lid to a fuse box later and I am now surfacing and so far I don’t feel any lines in either direction. I guess the fuse box lid was exactly the right thickness. :grinning:

Yes I have the easy tram and it is true that it addresses the left to right but does nothing for the front to back. It is no longer available for purchase but you can download the plans. However, the Suck-it will not work without significant mods.

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