Tramming my Shapeoko xxl

I just surfaced my spoiler board and tried to tram the Shapeoko. I loosened the screws on the X tried to turn it but it wouldn’t move. I was off about 2 to 3 mm from front to back. I ended up having to take three bolts out of each side. I was able to get the difference to about 1mm but anymore than that and I couldn’t get the bolts in. Is a 1mm difference ok or should it be better than that? My next step is to take the feet off and place it on .5” foam from Lowe’s then I’ll surface the waster board again. Thoughts?

It’s common practice to drill out the X sideplate holes a teeny bit to allow for some adjustment (clearing the powdercoat). I would suggest only drilling 3 out of the four so that your rail has a tight pivot point.

You can also shim your Z rails if you aren’t comfortable with permanent modifications


Thanks. I thought about drilling but was t sure if I should. I’ll give it a try.

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