Tramming Threaded Table

How do people tram the threaded table on the Nomad, and how much deviation should I expect out of the box?

With the MDF wasteboard I can just mill it down. I am not sure if there is any adjustability for the threaded table. In the attached first video, I have an error side-to-side of more than my dial test indicator’s range (> 0.01" or 0.25mm I think):

Front-to-back it seems OK.

I shimmed it with strips of aluminum foil on the left side and got it to the state shown in the second video:

Is this the way to do it?

Even in the second video it’s not perfectly flat, is that an unevenness in the table itself?

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@Jorge or someone wrote up instructions for surfacing the bed itself using the machine — before resorting to that, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.


Sounds good, will do, thanks!

I ended up shimming for a long time before surfacing the bed - works just fine - the bed on my machine was out about 0.12” on the X axis as well.

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I use a sacrificial 6mm plastic on top of the threaded table (with oversized holes) so I don’t cut into it. I then just surfaced the sacrificial table.

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Thanks for the tip Simon!

I saw a picture on Instagram of someone who had just got a brand new Nomad ( On the picture the bed had been surfaced with what looked like a 1/4" endmill. Are Carbide3D now surfacing the beds once installed on the machine before shipping?

My Nomad is probably around 18 months old and the bed on that was not faced.

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