Trim Vector issue with overlapping objects in Simulation

I am working on my second run :slightly_smiling_face: and decided to try using the trim vector option where two vectors are overlapping. I am making a coffee cup with steam and removed part of the cup vector where the steam overlapped. I did ungroup everything to do this and then regrouped it all again when I set up the tool path to work the whole cup/steam image in one go.

When I run the simulation, the steam and saucer and beans are visible but the cup is completely missing? When I look at the design, the cup is in purple and everything else is normal. Thoughts?

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The cup appears to be an open vector. You may find the join vectors tool works for you or you may have to zoom a bit to find the breaks in the lines and connect them manually, or edit them to get the ends close enough for the Join tool to do what you want. Select the open vector and look for the Join vector tool. If you have any difficulty, post the file.


Please post the file and we’ll walk through this w/ you.

That was definitely the answer. I didn’t understand that an open vector basically means the lines are incomplete and cannot be drawn. I got it from here. Thank you!

I am slightly color blind. The selected image is magenta and open vectors are purple. It is hard for me to distinguish between magenta and purple. I have to look very closely to tell the difference.