Trimming small blocks

I have a number pieces of finished pine, various short lengths that are 41mm square. I am trying to make accurate cubes. I have to cut them by hand so I have been over-cutting with the handsaw and then squaring on the shapeoko 3. But I am having trouble getting it accurate. I have been measuring the raw side and deducting the 41mm which isn’t always satisfactory. Is there a way of working from the bottom up rather than from the top down? As always your help is appreciated by this newby.

How are you workholding? Cutting five sizes of the cube leaves few opportunities for clamping… Blue tape and glue?

You can set the zero to the wasteboard and have all the measurements be up from there, this is my default now instead of trying to work out stock thickness accurately I cut it down accurately instead.


Have you tried just gluing the bocks using doubled up painter’s tape and superglue and then setting the origin on the surface of the doubled up tape?

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