Trouble carving letters Shapeoko 3

So I’ve had my machine for quite awhile, I haven’t had any issues previously. The only issue I am currently experience is with engraving letters. As seen in the pics below I can’t for the life of me get crisp lettering. I am currently using the Amana 45624-K. I’ve used this bit for plenty of other projects and have had no issues.

Any advice or changes I should look at making?

How are you setting your Z zero? Looks like you may be a little low.

It’s set to the top of the material. it’s not cutting deep at all into the material either.

V-bits don’t come to an infinitely small point, but the software calculates the toolpaths as if they do. Raise your zero 0.2mm and try again. I posted a little spreadsheet calculator to get the Z it IF you know the diameter of the flat, but I think a quick test file with some text and a small rectangle would get you there quickly. With a quality but like that, I’d assume the angle is as advertised, but that can cause a similar issue.

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Okay, cool I’ll try and raise the zero up and see where I get. Just weird the only trouble I’ve had running this bit is with lettering but nothing else. I do appreciate the tips.

What software are you using? care to share the file so we can take a look?

Can you confirm that you have a 60° cutter selected in the software? Having the incorrect cutter can cause issues like you’re seeing too.

As mentioned the Z-zero looks to be the most likely culprit, are you setting it with a probe or the ‘paper under the cutter’ method?

Everything else is visually more forgiving. A V-carved duck probably still looks like a pretty good duck if your depth is slightly off. Text is something that we know exactly how it should and shouldn’t look.


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