Trouble from/for a Beginner

I was running a file I’ve done a few times, and had a wild crash. After cutting the piece out instead of stopping shy and leaving a skin, the cutter veered off wildly, destroying the piece and cutting through my right angle fence. I don’t even know where to begin looking for what went wrong. Any thoughts on what I should look into? image image image


  • worn endmill
  • loose endmill
  • loose pulley set screw
  • insufficient belt tension
  • flawed belt
  • out-of-adjust eccentric nut and V wheel
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I had created some boxes from a board (John Clark) and had made the boxes from the same file many times. This was over a year ago and likely 3.x CC. On one of the tries the bit just went off through the side of the project and kept cutting until I shut down the shapeoko.

The file was good and tried many times, the machine seemed good but on the next attempt the same file cut perfectly. Since this was an earlier version I cant say which caused the problem, CC, CM or the Shapeoko Controller. I have not experienced the problem again.

You will just have to try to run the job again with your finger on the power switch.


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