Trouble getting gcode to complete

I have been having some trouble getting the gcode to complete processing on my image which is a 3d. I am working with a laptop in an area with some wimpy wifi signals so I’m not sure if that’s the problem. Does anyone know if I can create my work in Carbide Create on my main desktop and transfer work to a flash drive? Is there a limit of computers I can have the software on? I couldn’t find an option to login to an existing account, only to create a new one.

I have my main computer in my office and an old gaming computer hooked into the cnc. I transfer all my data on a flash drive. i run both programs at both computers so i can tweak a project on the fly, then i just save to the flash and make the changes on my office computer.

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Thank you so much! I have really been struggling with all of this and this added issue makes it more frustrating. I’m completely new to all of this and YouTube has been my main source for help and tutorials.

Network connectivity shouldn’t affect anything other than transferring G-Code from one machine to another (a feature which is still in testing and not yet suggested for use w/o verification of a complete transfer).

You may install (and activate a Pro license) on as many computers as you wish — just only use one copy at a time.

If the file itself is a problem, please send it in to

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Some home routers allow a flash drive and that becomes network storage. You could also use google drive or other cloud storage. If you have bad network connection on shop then flash drive is best.

Use a version on file name to tell if you modified the original and keep original in case new file is not right.