Trouble getting started with MeshCAM

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Hi all,

New Nomad user here so apologies if this is a daft question:

How to I get the ‘Carbide Auto Toolpath’ wizard in MeshCAM? The guide says it is in the tools drop down, but in MeshCAM 6, I only have the ‘Run Script’ option. There is a wizard thing that I can get to from the standard generate toolpath screen, but this has no material selection.

I tried the MeshCAM 7 beta instead with the Carbide license, and this does seem to have some sort of Carbide specific wizard, but this only has a very limited material selection and as far as I can see, no option to add materials.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


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You have the latest build of MeshCAM? That is odd that you don’t have the auto tool path wizard as that’s were mine is.
I also just ran a fresh install on a new machine and have it under the tools tab.
Did you get your license code for MeshCAM v6?


(Joshua Brown) #3

Yes, I’ve tried MeshCAM 6 build 26 and MeshCAM 7 build 27 (I’m on a Mac if this makes a difference).

Don’t have the MeshCAM 6 license yet as my Nomad came from a reseller and Carbide3D are still processing it, but I thought the trial wasn’t supposed to have any restrictions other than the 15 day limit?


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It might be part of the trial restriction? Do you have a specific project in mind? I can help you with the auto generated options if you want in the meantime. I’ll PM you my e-mail.


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They say the trial should be ‘full featured’ though I was wondering if the Carbide specific features might need to be enabled by a ‘Carbide’ license code. Been waiting a couple of days for support to get back to me - not unreasonable but they should have a better system for people buying through their resellers.

The machine will actually live in a university lab and be used by postgrad students and researchers, so I’m keep to find a ‘streamlined’ solution. I’d very grateful if you could help me with the g-code for some demo files though. I’ll send you an email. Thanks!


(William Adams) #6

My understanding is that the Carbide 3D auto toolpath is only enabled for the Nomad-specific license — MeshCAM v7 ought to allow/enable that.

If you have questions about that aspect of MeshCAM, drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help.


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