Trouble getting started with MeshCAM

Hi all,

New Nomad user here so apologies if this is a daft question:

How to I get the ‘Carbide Auto Toolpath’ wizard in MeshCAM? The guide says it is in the tools drop down, but in MeshCAM 6, I only have the ‘Run Script’ option. There is a wizard thing that I can get to from the standard generate toolpath screen, but this has no material selection.

I tried the MeshCAM 7 beta instead with the Carbide license, and this does seem to have some sort of Carbide specific wizard, but this only has a very limited material selection and as far as I can see, no option to add materials.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

You have the latest build of MeshCAM? That is odd that you don’t have the auto tool path wizard as that’s were mine is.
I also just ran a fresh install on a new machine and have it under the tools tab.
Did you get your license code for MeshCAM v6?

Yes, I’ve tried MeshCAM 6 build 26 and MeshCAM 7 build 27 (I’m on a Mac if this makes a difference).

Don’t have the MeshCAM 6 license yet as my Nomad came from a reseller and Carbide3D are still processing it, but I thought the trial wasn’t supposed to have any restrictions other than the 15 day limit?

It might be part of the trial restriction? Do you have a specific project in mind? I can help you with the auto generated options if you want in the meantime. I’ll PM you my e-mail.

They say the trial should be ‘full featured’ though I was wondering if the Carbide specific features might need to be enabled by a ‘Carbide’ license code. Been waiting a couple of days for support to get back to me - not unreasonable but they should have a better system for people buying through their resellers.

The machine will actually live in a university lab and be used by postgrad students and researchers, so I’m keep to find a ‘streamlined’ solution. I’d very grateful if you could help me with the g-code for some demo files though. I’ll send you an email. Thanks!

My understanding is that the Carbide 3D auto toolpath is only enabled for the Nomad-specific license — MeshCAM v7 ought to allow/enable that.

If you have questions about that aspect of MeshCAM, drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help.

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