Trouble w/ image from inkscape to CC

I have been trying to get and image I found on the internet converted over to properly work in carbide create. I found this image and saved it, imported to inkscape and converted to SVG file. There are a few adjustments needed before saving and sending to CC, but when i do this it seems that nothing it really matching up on carbide and is very frustrating. I uploaded to pictures of what i am trying to do. the Circled areas need to be connected. I am not a pro in inkscape and maybe that my problem that I have done something wrong there because i cannot seem to make this all on attached group. any help or thoughts would be amazing!

You would need to draw in the missing parts of the circle by drawing a circle with a slight offset and also merge that with the existing geometry.

If you’ll post the image here or send it in to we’ll gladly work through this with you.

Great. I just sent it so you.

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