Trouble with gcode from vcarve to carbide

Hi new here i have just purchased vcarve desktop and have been using carbide create for awhile . I am having trouble with my gcodes from vcarve and looking for some help . when i save my gcode from vcarve and load it in carbide to cut out the time is way different and starts cutting no where near the actual point of cutting .My toolpath in vcarve sayss it will take 3hrs and when i open up the gcode in carbide it comes up 28 mins . At a lose here , im new to vcarve but have just spend 500 bucks on it so getting very fustrated . any help would be appreciated .

Howdy, Rick! The path from your Vcarve toolpath goes through a post processor (PP) that you chose and is converted to gcode. Then you load that gcode into Carbide Motion to cut the part.

So, what PP did you choose in Vcarve Desktop? That’s the first thing to pin down. I’ve chosen one that @neilferreri has developed which allows access to the BitSetter.


Did you have more than one toolpath? Maybe you only exported one operation?

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Both @CrookedWoodTex and @neilferreri comments are perfectly valid.

You will need to check the post processor and, maybe unique to VCarve, export the toolpaths as a single file - or not, if that’s your preference, but you will then need to export each of them individually (assuming there’s more than one!)

Vectric Vcarve will allow exporting one or more toolpaths from a given project file as separate G-Code files.

@leafs2727 - I’ve had the same long machining time indicated with Vectric products in the past. However, when I run the gcode through a simulator, CAMotics just to check for potential errors , the time estimate is always within a few minutes of the actual job results.

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ok im a little green at this but i have downloaded .zip/Shapeoko_NC_Inch.pp and opened and saved it . I am only trying 1 toolpass at a time . Just not sure im fully getting the grasp of this .

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