Trouble with homing

Something weird has started happening where the machine doesn’t stop at its home position. Once it gets to home it keeps trying to move on the X and Y axis and the machine starts vibrating like crazy. I can only kill the power to stop it. It there a way that I can check the home position when initializing the machine?

Thanks for the help

step 1 is to manually check the homing switches
easiest way to do that is to go to the settings screen in carbide create (so before you click “initialize machine”)

that screen will show live which switches are pressed or not, so you can check them by hand one by one

if they all work, you can, with the machine turned off, move the machine to see if all the switches actually engage at the ends… or if some cable or similar blocks that from happening


Thank you. It seemed to correct itself. I have found myself having to do some “preflight” checks before each operation on the device.

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