Trouble with X motor

Just turned on my XXL today and did a home action…and my machine began to make the most odd sounds. Looks like there is an issue with my X axis motor, does it need replacing? Here’s a link to a video I took. I had just used it a couple days ago with no issues (or wierd sounds).

I have already powered off, restarted, etc.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

You need to disable fax machine mode.


Usually horrible noises indicate an issue with the wiring — could you use a multimeter to check the wiring for continuity?

Can check in the a.m. but the machine was working several days ago and hasn’t been disturbed since.

After troubleshooting with Carbide3D, found the controller bad. Got a replacement and limit switches. Am going to re run the wiring and get it all neat…have to report in when it’s all together.

Thx for the suggestions guys!


Finally had time to finish putting it all back together. Everything is working fantastic. The new controller did the trick.

Thanks to the guys @ C3D!

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