Trouble with xxl after removing laser

I have removed a laser that was hooked up to my board. After removing it, I attempted to run a job. My cnc initialize and came to front center, afterwards it cycled to the bit setter probed down to contact an then it went full up and continued to try and rise. Is there any way to factory reset , or any grbl settings that I could check out? Very disappointed… Thanks for your help.

If your using lightburn did you run the macro to change settings from laser mode back to cnc prior to closing?

Or else i usually just power down my machine and then restart it using carbide motion to reinitialize

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If you are using Carbide Motion, you should be able to do the equivalent of a factory reset by selecting and sending the machine configuration again (as per the initial/install instructions)


Thank you, Julien. When I try this is there any parameters in my grbl settings to make sure that my vfd is still controlled through my board on my xxl?

If you have a VFD it is probably externally controlled by the controller through the PWM signal, which is generated unconditionally by the XXL controller. The only PWM-related GRBL setting that may have been affected is $30 (“Max spindle speed”), some laser software tend to ask to the user to set it to 256. The only parameter that is typically impacted by doing laser work is $32 (“laser mode”), which of course you should reset to 0 when you go back to CNC mode, but this is independent of the VFD control

I will check my settings today. Thanks

I have checked my settings and s30=1000, so I changed it to 24000, everything is working fine now. Thank you so much, much appreciated. Great group

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