Trying to buy a shapeoko xxl

I have been waiting to buy a shapeoko xxl for months now with the bit zero, but can never find it in stock. Is this a China shipped item and is on a ship taking forever?

Which Shapeoko model do you mean ? (Shapeoko3 XXL, Shapeoko Pro XXL, Shapeoko 4 XXL)
You can get in touch with to get info on availability of models that show up as out of stock

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Shapeoko 3xxl and have been waiting on a reply since Monday from them

For the specifics on machine manufacture please see:

I don’t need to see comparison specs, I want to order a shapeoko 3 xxl and a bit zero but have not seen the bit zero in stock for months

Please write in to

They have not responded in 6 days, just sent my 3 email to them

Hi Gary, and welcome to the forum.

Are you waiting on the BitZero being in stock before ordering the XXL, or the other way around?

If it is the BitZero you’re waiting on, I would suggest you order the XXL and look elsewhere for the BitZero - or wait for it to be in stock.

At least you’ll have some time to get used to the machine!

Also, take a look at this.

Good luck :+1:

Was just on the carbide3d site and it says the xxl will ship within 10 days of order date.

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