Trying to create a logo for engraving a branding iron

our local MenzShed needs a branding iron so I though Id try engraving one on my S3. Nothing like running a marathon before I can walk.

I need some advice on editing the logo.

I can get the logo but not as an SVG- What would be best format (jpg,TIFF??) to convert in Inkscape using trace bitmap. I have worked out how to flip it for engraving but cant seem to get a decent image to work with using a coloured jpg and Trace-bitmap.

I want to remove the colour, edit the original artwork to insert our local branch name, flip it in Inkscape and save it as an SVG.

I do have GIMP but I am an absolute Noddy with both Inkscape and GIMP at this stage…still coming to grips with CD & CM.

Can anyone outline the steps for me.

Once I have the logo setup in I’ll no doubt be back for guidance in the actual engraving(in brass???)

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Either post the logo here or paste a link to it if it is easily available online and let’s see what we can do to help.

My first step would definitely be to vectorize it, then you can do whatever you want to it as a vector, which (for me) is easier to do than to manipulate the bitmap (jpg, gif, tiff. . .) image.


I don’t think the bitmap format matters much as long as Inkscape can import it.
The color to grayscale or black and white, you could do easily in GIMP (desaturate)
Then…it’s a matter of experimenting with Inkscape’s trace options (make sure you have the latest Inkscape version).
If you can share the logo, try crowdsourcing the vectorisation here ? :slight_smile:
EDIT: see, told you someone would volunteer :slight_smile:
EDIT2: also, search for “brass branding iron” here on the forum there are a few very interesting threads to get you started. This is on my todo list too!


Gotta love this group. A lightening fast response and an offer of help. Sounds like I need to read up on Vectorising images and see if that makes things easier.

@MadHatter: I have attached a jpg copy of the logo and I want to remove the word “Waimea” and replace it with “Whangamata” so that I can try to make a branding iron.

A quick Google of MenzShed will link to a selection of images if the one attached is not suitable.

I have viewed both of Winston Moys videos and am quite excited to actually try something useful.The MenzShed members are keen to see my S3 in action and I think this would be great as a demo (once I am sure I have it mastered ) :smirk:

@Julien…I’ll have a look for some threads on the forum…it might save me asking questions already answered

Is this what you were looking for? Top - color - is the image I grabbed. Bottom - Black - Is the vectorized logo.
Screen Shot:

Vector File:
MenzShed Vector.svg


@MadHatter Thats exactly what I wanted. Many thanks for your help.Now to put the S03 to use on something useful. I’ll have a try at doing the same thing myself over the weekend so that I can learn it. Heavy rain scheduled for today and weekend so I might do some online tutorials

I’ll need to re watch Winstons videos and source my materials…I live in a small town and have to get brass or aluminium stock couriered from one of the bigger towns


I couldn’t resist checking where Whangamata is, and oh boy do I envy you right now


This hurts even more considering that in late 2019 my big project for 2020 was travelling for a few weeks to visit New Zealand… sigh…


Its a fabulous place…population about 4500 rising to close to 100,000 over Christmas and during Beach Hop (Google that if you like old motors in fabulous condition).

In fact if you do make it to New Zealand post Covid there is a bed here for you and partner…The Coromandel Peninsular has some lovely secluded beaches making Whangamata a good base for branching out from.

If you like fishing that can be arranged and I have a Fishing Kayak in need of use :wink:

If you include the South Island then Otago has great lakes, mountains and Pinot Noir.



Glad that is what you were looking for. My process was:

  1. Use Google to find the highest resolution image of the logo you want. You can have Google filter images by clicking on the “Tools” button in the image search window:

Then you can select “Size” ==> “Large”:

That will get you the highest resolution images and filter out the lower resolution images.

  1. Import it into Inkscape, and for this specific image, it made sense to use the “Brightness Cutoff” option in the “Path” ==> “Trace Bitmap” command.

  2. I just guessed at the font for the “Whangamata” and Century Gothic seemed close enough, so I went with it.

  3. The last thing (that I forget to do as well) is to convert the text to a vector by selecting the text, then select “Path” ==> “Object to Path”. It is now no longer editable text. It is set of combined closed paths. To separate them into individual letters, you must use “Path”==>“Break Apart” instead of the “Object”==>“Ungroup” command. Then re-select individual parts of a letter like the inside of the R, P, O and Q letters, and then group them together so they are easier to move each letter if you want. Usually, because I want to be able to change the text later, I will make a copy of the text and then convert one copy to a path, and keep the other text.

The cool thing about that is, the g-code generating program I use (Makercam, mostly, but Vectric V-Carve as well) doesn’t see the text, so it is “invisible” when I am converting the file to g-code.

I love Inkscape because of the many commands you can use to align, group, ungroup, snap, center, copy, distribute evenly. . . .

Anyway, glad I could help out, and don’t forget to show us your completed project.


Very generous of you, I will definitely keep that in mind when better times are on the horizon.

I’m sure you have found it already but just in case, here’s Winston’s video I had in mind:

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@MadHatter Thank you for that outline of the process. I’ll give it a try this weekend

@Julien I watched that video this morning and its great that he includes various feeds and speeds. A pity about Fusion 360 but once I have the SVG I should be OK.

Now to order some Brass stock as well as some aluminium for some bandsaw guides that will be my next project. provide the Shapeoko survives the branding iron manufacture :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For future reference - here is how you flip your design in the GIMP program.

Here is how you do an inverse of your image in GIMP
Load the image using the FILE, OPEN command and finding you file.
Select IMAGE from the Gimp Main Menu
Select TRANSFORM on the drop down menu
FILE, SAVE AS - your converted logo name, and where you want to save the file
This saves your xcf (GIMP) formatted file. It could come in handy later.
FILE: EXPORT AS, and EXPORT (it will retain the same name but a .png format, and where you want to save the file to – probably should be stated first.
And a small Dialog pops up and you need to click on EXPORT again.


Thanks Jesse,

I have the svg (several options for club to approve) and just need to import them in to Carbide Create once approved. I am still waiting to see if I can get small lengths of brass stock…so far they all want to sell commercial quantities😭. While I am waiting I will try cutting some coasters with the logo and see what problems that throws up. you could buy sheets and cut them out with the cnc…

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