Trying to find the version Of CM I need

I’m trying to figure out where to get the version of Carbide Motion that I need to run Carbide Create V6 build 648. I deleted the V7 beta due to all the problems I was having but mow the udated version of Carbide Motion won’t recognize V6 files.

It is only the v7 version of Carbide Create which includes G-code in the .c2d file so that they can be sent to the machine.

If you are using v6 you will need to write out G-code (.nc file) and then send that to the machine rather than a .c2d file.


So, the latest version of Carbide Motion will still run V6?

It will, but when you open a file you will see .c2d files. It is possible you cannot tell them from .nc files without enabling the option on your OS to “show file extensions”

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When I go into V6, all the files are c2d files now. When I try to open them they just come up blank. I’m guessing I have to reproduce all of my files now? I can’t send anything to CM so I’m guessing I’m starting back from scratch?

This is all way too confusing for me. I think I’m going to disassemble the machine and stick it in the attic. There isn’t anything worth getting this frustrated and stressed over.

If your computer will let you, load your saved V7 design files in CC v721. Then go to File->Saves as V6 file.

Open the saved file in V6, if your tool paths are correct just save G Code. Run the G Code with CM 566

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I feel for you, but do appreciate the irony of v7’s spin of the single file idea being to reduce support.

They have released a changed carbide motion to cater for an unreleased carbide create. You are feeling the pain of that choice since it is letting you load files you can’t run.

Unfortunately you are their tester because they don’t have any.

Choosing to use the beta version of v7 is a choice.

v7 received quite a bit of testing.

Using v6 requires understanding the concept that one has to write out G-code and save it locally as noted in the documentation:

I appreciate everyone’s help but I can’t do this anymore. For a month I’ve been stressed out to the point of feeling sick. I actually sold my Harley to get a cnc and laptop. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Good luck to everyone and again, thank you to everyone who tried to help out. It’s time for me to cut my losses and find a new hobby.

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Please try using Carbide Create 652, which has been quite stable, and whichever version of Carbide Motion you have, and writing out G-code files as explained in the documentation.

If you have difficulty w/ this, let us know at

Agreed. I think cm support for loading c2d files was premature and should have been restricted to beta testers.

I’ve tried watching videos and doing things over the phone. It just doesn’t sink in doing it that way. It’s way too much confusion and overwhelming for me. Every time I think I have something figured out, it’s just the opposite. I just don’y yhink I have what it takes for this.

Try something really simple — then build on that basic success.

Change only one thing at a time — if it doesn’t work as expected, learn from what actually happened as opposed to what you expected.

The great thing about CNC is that given a properly prepared file, a machine set up which matches the file, and nothing going wrong in the cutting, a part will be made correctly.

The awful thing about CNC is that a part will only be made correctly if the file is prepared properly, the machine setup to match the file, and nothing goes wrong in the cutting.

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You may have a folder on your computer called Downloads or something similar. It contains everything you download including old versions of CM and CC, unless you have deleted the files. If you have deleted the files they may still be recoverable from Recycle Bin. A version of CM before 565 should work. Once you find the files, you just click the one you want to reinstall.

I was told to use CC652 so i changed to that one. All my files have to be recreated because i ran them through V7 so they are all coming up as c2d files which when pulled up in V6, show up blank. And now when I try to open a file to recreate it to work in V6, everything has lag to it. If I start to box in a vector to delete it, the box has a lot of lag. It’s just been problem after problem. I regret my decision to even try getting into this.

You can have both v6 and v7 installed at the same time, and can use it to export from v7 back to v6 version files.

That’s the problem…I don’t understand how this stuff works. I get super confused which leads to major frustration and stress. I spend a bunch of time trying to recreate a file and I end up up messing up a step somewhere. I just don’t have what it takes to comprehend all of this.

Have you done a video session?

You can schedule them at:

That’s what I was saying before. I just don’t have what it takes to comprehend all of this. I can’t even get the basics when I try learning from videos. I’m just not made for this.