Trying to set bitsetter but machine will not jog

I am trying to set up the bitsetter on my new machine. It will not jog. When you touch one of the keys to jog it makes a slight noise and says busy but will not move.

What movement increment do you have set?

The default, 0.025mm is imperceptible — try Fast.

My increment is at 0.001in.

I reset my increment to a faster speed and it is working! Thank you so much!!

To be fair, it was probably always ‘working’, but imperceptible, as per @WillAdams’ post.

In the last few versions of CM the default increment seems to be the smallest. The developer has set this for some reason which may be for good in their opinion. On the good side it keeps you from jogging way away from where you want to be. On the down side you need to constantly adjust the speed function which is annoying to me. Maybe they could set a middle ground for the default. Just a thought.

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I used one of these to jog the machine in CM, but I only use three buttons to select the jogging increment, dispensing with the smallest increment altogether.

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