Two sided engraving issue

I designed both sides of a rectangular dog tag for engraving text in F360. It will be made out of silver so I need to keep wastage to a minimum.

I milled out a pocket out of mdf with my S3 so the cut tag could be placed in it and flipped over. The problem is I don’t know how to set the milling coordinates accurately so when I flip the tag over, it engraves precisely on the reverse side. I have an engraved border on both sides and even a small deviation would mean it would be noticeable.

Thank you in advance.

Tag front

Tag back

Pocket for tag

Use the same zero as your pocket.
Don’t change it, or even home (if you can avoid it), between operations.

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@neilferreri - thank you- could you please explain how I would do that? I understand it theoretically but don’t know how to do it in F360 and on my S3.

Can you share the Fusion file(s)? I’m on my phone at the moment, taking a break from my landscaping, but I can look at it later if no one else beats me to it.

@neilferreri - that’s very kind, thank you. I have attached the file links to my original post.

@gunter511 Looking at your files, the easiest way to do it would just be to set your work origin at the center of the pocket cut and the dog tag engravings.
If you already milled the pocket, as it is set up in the file you shared, and you don’t want to mill another, you can still use the zero from your pocket as it’s a known distance from the center of the pocket (and dog tag).
You’d use three setups, one for cutting the profile, one for engraving the top, and one for engraving the bottom. The groove could go with either the profile or the engravings (trace). If you’re adding it to both sides, I’d move it in with the setup containing the text.
Easiest way would be to set the jobs up to use the centerpoint as the WCS zero. The other way is to just make a point, on the dog tag file, where that pocket’s zero is.

Essentially, you’re setting zero as if your dog tag was in the pocket.


@neilferreri - Thank you SO much for that detailed explanation with visuals. Really helped a lot!

I now managed to paste the body and sketches of the tag into the file of the pocket set up. It now sits on the surface of the pocket. I can move the body down into the pocket using the ‘Move’ command, but the corresponding sketches can’t be selected to move. Sorry if this is a very basic question, but how do I move the sketches into the pocket too?


@gunter511 I combined the two components “for show”, really just to illustrate that the zero point would be the same. Your original pocket has a work zero that is -50mm X and -50mm Y from the center of the pocket. Just make a point in your dog tag model that’s -50mm X&Y from the center of the top of the model.
There’s no real reason to combine them (pocket and dog tag) in Fusion.
That said, depending on how you moved the dog tag in, you want to move the entire component, not just the body.

@neilferreri - Thank you again. Apologies if I’m just not able to wrap my head around this properly. The pic below is what I think it should be but then the dimensions show up as 100 x 80 ??

No reason to mess with stock size.
In the Setup tab, set your WCS Origin to a sketch point which was previously created in the model environment.

@neilferreri - That worked perfectly. Thank you for your patience and again, apologies for not getting it sooner.

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No need to apologize.
I’m a public middle school teacher. I’d be in a lot of trouble if I wasn’t a patient man.

@neilferreri - Ah, that explains it!

Now that your patience has been well established, could I please bother you with another simple issue!

I’m now doing the back of the tag. Trying to create the same point at -50, -50. I create a point in space, then use the Move command. Click Pivot, select the middle of the tag and then set the coordinates of X and Y to -50 respectively. Doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks!

This is how I’d do it.

@neilferreri - Fantastic, this was so easy. Thank you for your time :):grinning:

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