Two things I learned mk 2

I took the opportunity when cutting out some acryllic octagons for my father (he has some window stickers he wants to put on something that is not a window, to play around with the MC Etcher in some acryllic. (this is acryllic window scrap I have had around for years)

Two things I learned

  1. Sometimes you need more double sided tape than I used.(or stickier double sided tape). Especially if you play with the feedrate overide when experiment with the etcher, probably ought to reset before doing the cutouts.
  2. 0.092 and 0…092 are not the same depths. The double decimal kept cruising on down through the stock. (I at first thought after hitting the stop button, thought I had put in 0.92 inch)

Bonus learning → I get really busy at the beginning of the school year. My previoius two things I learned thread Two things I learned closed 5 hours ago, meaning I haven’t gotten out to the shop much since school started.
Well I am off to grade papers



I have a number of friends who are teachers and no matter what I say, they just will not let me grade papers with them!
Something about “privacy” and me “not being qualified” :yum:

But i digress, how thick was the acrylic you used? I’m wondering if thinner material is more prone to coming off the tape. Maybe the etching tip is actively deforming thin stock, trying to pop it up from the tape :thinking:

Acryllic was 0.089" thick (iirc) I double sided taped it to some hardboard (masonite) and clamped the hardboard to the table. In retrospect I think it may have been two things that were possibly at issue

  1. I had ordered an assortment of double sided tapes (after watching one of Winston’s videos), and I think I used the removable version (Xfasten removeable Woodworking tape …maybe). It may have not had enough holding force for what I was doing.
  2. Since this was an old offcut of acryllic, I’m not sure if the film coating was loose. (probably should have removed that first.


Looked up the tape I had used

XFasten Double Sided Tape, Removable, 1-Inch by 20-Yard

Previously I used a double sided carpet tape

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