UGCS help - hard limits being hit

I’m sure it would, but I would need to edit past programs and post processors, not that big of a deal, just to use UGS. It’s just odd that CNCjs does not error but UGS does.

I can MDI “G0 G53 Z-0.001” and I get no error
kinda funny

I switched back to CNCjs and I would get the same type alarm with UGS now…hmmmmm
So it turns out to be $21, hard limits.
If I cut hard limits off, UGS will now let me go all the way to 0. Problem solved.

That’s, most likely, the location your limit switch is tripped. Any reason why you want to get that close?

I just typically program a full Z retract before making any other XY movements. Just a safety habit carried over from industrial machines. I don’t have to, but for me it’s good practice.
Anyway, I’m fine with hard limits off. I still have homing and soft limits.

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