Ugg, More bit help for a newbie!

Okay, so my XXL is all assembled and all seems to be working flawlessly :smile:. Still waiting on my suck-it though…:thumbsup:

I drilled out 288 holes for hold down anchor points with the E-Z Locks. I also made a set of clamps (Yea!!!) not perfect but they will work. Seems like the depth was off a tad…

So now I’m attempting to V Carve but want to make sure I have the correct specifics in the tool settings.

I’ve bought all my bits from the Carbide store and I’m adding a 60 V Cutter. On the case the bits arrives in, does it have the specific info I need to enter into the tool settings?

I know this… Type, Description, Tool #, Angle and Number of Flutes. Where will I find the rest of the information I need to set this tool up correctly? I’m specifically looking for “diameter” and “flute length”.

Thanks for reading… I did try the search option but could not find my specific answer.:laughing:

The listings pages on have the specifications for the endmills — unfortunately, it’s not aligned with what is used in Carbide Create (or MeshCAM?)

The community has the beginnings of a tutorial at: which shows adding a #301 V-bit, and notes:

Note that Carbide Create uses taper angle, not the typically reported V-angle, so one must divide by 2, so the 90 degree bit is reported as having a 45 degree taper.

Thanks for the reply Will,

I’m using Carbide Create and Motion for the production end right now.
So this is all the info I need?

“Diameter” ---------- Cutting Diameter: .50"
“Flute Length” ---- Cutting Length: .25"
Shank Diameter: .250"
“Set to 30º” ----------- 60º Cutting Angle
2 Flute

Thanks again…

Yeah, that sounds / seems right.

it would be nice if there would be a block of text on the product listing page which would copy the information and paste it into Carbide Create — probably the next Carbide Create update will add support for the missing endmills.

FWIW, I suggested an integrated system where Carbide Create, Carbide Motion, and the shop on the website would all work together seamlessly so as to function as a machinist’s log, tracking machine time, which cutters were used for what projects, estimating linear inches of travel for endmills, &c., but no interest.


Awesome, Thanks again.

I was reading a post were a user had the wrong settings and the V Carved Impact font turned out wonky. Don’t want repeat…

For the newbies that would be helpful until we get the hang of the lingo. I/we will learn the terms and lingo, just take a little time.

This is another reason I choose a Carbide product, great end user support!!!