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(mikep) #1

Many I’m sure have noticed that UGS builds haven’t been updating since mid December, 2018. Code changes have been happening. For whatever reason, the maintainers over there seem to not care/know that builds aren’t publishing. I got a bit fed up, and made it work in a fork. There’s unfortunately no good way to get this back into the main line and have it “just work” - someone needs to set the apikey in travis.


Go here:
If you then click on “download” and select “zip file” you will get the build as of 3/17/19 of ugs-platform.

I might update it, I might not. I’d really like the ugs folks to pick up the fix, but I don’t know if they will, so don’t get too reliant on it being in this particular spot.


(Neil Ferreri) #2

What has been updated? Anything good?


(mikep) #3

Don’t know specifically yet. There’s a new dowel plugin. There have been commits happening every few days for months… I’ve heard some of the probe bugs have been fixed.

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(Jonathan Anderson) #4

Yeah, I’ve seen this and wondered why updates haven’t been happening. Thanks for recognizing and doing something about it.