UK dust extractor

Those in the uk who need to take care of their dust extraction this may or may not be of use to you.

Sucks like a … (hope I dont get in trouble for this one). Very very powerful and I have purchased the optional exhaust pipes to port outside so just in case any dust makes it’s way through it then vented outside.

Not a bad price too, £270.00

CamVac is the brand. Can be bought in 2 different hose diameters. Single or twin motor. Different size bins. Appears to be well made.

Will keep you updated on how she performs. I also got a huge hood adaptor for it for when I’m polishing and sanding. You can see it sucking from a meter above the work it’s that powerful.


If you don’t have one already, I would suggest you put a cyclone in front of your dust extractor to pick-up most of the sawdust and debris before it gets to your filter/canister.

I dont as they said its cyclonic inside. It has a built in cyclonic area then a bag after that. Not too sure as not read the indestructibles yet :rofl::rofl:. Just going by what they said over the phone. Of course I could be wrong here.

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How about interior pic.

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