Unable to initalize the cutter

Question, the last few days my SO Pro XXL has been working fantastic, and nothing new has changed in the way of settings.

Today I plugged in to run a project, press [connect to cutter], click on [initialize machine], Z initializes, but then Y runs and continues to run, until I shut off the machine.
I check the limit switches, they all light up and activate fine. I checked the tension of all the belts, they are all fine.
I’m just not certain what else to look at. I’ve disconnected the computer a couple times and tried running through the initialize sequence a few times with no new result.
What am I missing?

Check the Y-axis homing switch — is it secure? Is it properly adjusted?

Can the machine move so as to activate it?

Write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

Yes, its secure and the light activates when the gantry gets near it.

Email to customer support sent, thanks Will!

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