Unable to load or create anything in carbide create and motion software

Hi, anybody having problem with creating or loading design in carbide create and motion. i am using shapeoko XL and i am having hell of a time for not being able to load or create anything. i was doing exact same as this morning, when i was getting good. I could jog or home no problem. NEED HELP PLEASE


What did you make when it was working?

i made a design from illustrator and create text from carbide create with 1/8 ball bit on pine wood

Have you reviewed these videos?

It would also help the team is you were a little more specific as to what the problem is (your statement is very vague:

Problem 1) Carbide Motion

Problem 2) Carbide Create

Perhaps your machine has lost the connection between the machine and the computer?

Shut the machine down, reboot the computer and bring things up in the order noted in the operating checklist:


If that doesn’t work, begin testing different solutions for disconnection — try the ones at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Electronics#Recommendations (and farther up that page) which you feel apply and are comfortable doing.

If the machine still isn’t connecting then, contact support@carbide3d.com and let them know what you’ve tried thus far.

I did reboot both machine and laptop several times. I was able to connect to carbide motion but won’t load and can’t carbide create won’t let me create anything


Try eliminating 1 thing at a time to help us identify what the problem is.

Just a reminder: You cant open .c2d files in Carbide Motion, you need to open the .egc file.

If you want, upload your Carbide Create (.c2d) file here.

To help us help you troubleshoot, please describe step-by-step:

  • what you did
  • what you expected to happen
  • what actually happened if unexpected

Thanks guys, looks like software has bug or something. I deleted and download the software again and its working again. But i wonder the relaibility of carbide software.

CC is still in beta. If you want other options see http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Software