Unexpected plunge at end of cut file F360

Appreciate if someone could look at these cut files and tell me what sort of gremlin I’m chasing, machine or GRBL. Both work fine in simulation.
coaster cavity contour.nc (2.2 KB)

At the end the spindle plunges instead of lifting…you can imagine the results. Same thing happens with a 2d adaptive for the same part, at the end of cut the spindle plunges and plows back to the start point. (HDZ and spindle don’t miss a beat, haha. Y strains a bit but soldiers on until I hit estop.)
coaster holder 2d adaptive.nc (293.2 KB)

I’ve made a few other test designs with similar parameters, work fine in simulation and as aircuts.

Something stupid/simple I’m sure.

Yikes. You’re in inches and that post assumed mm.
Working on it.
For now, you can manually change the G53 G0 Z-5 to G53 G0 Z-0.25

EDIT: Updated version will take into account your unit choice. Sorry @Griff

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Yep, if it can be screwed up you can count on me.

Still confused on why the Z is reversed…

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Not reversed. The command at the end sends the Z to “5” below the Z limit switch. When you’re in mm mode, 5mm makes sense. Five inches below your limit switch usually isn’t where you want the Z to go.

New version checks unit.
If MM, go 5mm below limit switch
Else (inches), go two tenths below limit switch.

You are the Man Neil! Appreciate the explanation.


I’m just excited for all the tool changing going on!
I’ve been pushing all of you to embrace changing tools for a while now.


could you screen shot the part of the nc file that accomplishes this? To further my education.

Should just look something like:
G53 Z-5 (move Z-axis to machine position -5)

Did you mean the section of the post processor code? I can copy that here later.


Cool. “If” and “else”.

It ain’t COBOL. Haha.

As soon as I finish mastering Blender I’m gonna dive into this.

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On my list too, but I still have to start.

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