Unexpected time penalty for pocketing

The first image is an inside path, the second is with pocketing. All other parameters are identical. According to CC, the path only will mill in 1 hr 17 min. The pocketed version mills in 10 hrs 58 min. How can this be? Even if the stepover, currently ~50%, were 20% this should only increase the time threefold at most. The three more plunges from pocketing cna’t begin to explain this.
(BTW, I’m using build 433 since compatibility constraints won’t allow me to upgrade my OS.)

Could you post the file? If it’s still that way in 474 we’ll try to have a developer look into it.

@WillAdams The file is attached below. You think this might just be a computation anomally versus a real expected value?

Lily_8_crop_1.c2d (555.3 KB)

The relevant toolpath is 22_pockets.

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