Ungroup text in Crabide Create

Is there any way to ungroup text in Carbide Create? I am trying to make a logo for a company. They use a lowercase “a” but upper case for the rest of the logo.I would like to ungroup the first letter and expand it to match the upper case letter size.

shortcut: add a little circle somewhere outside of the text area, click both the circle and the text, and then do the “subtract” operation (you need to do the circle and text in the right order for this to work)

after this the text is ungrouped


I was just about to reply when I saw your answer. Another way is to save the CC design as an SVG and then import it back into CC. The text is now ungrouped vectors.


Thank you very much. That worked perfectly. I have had my Shapeoko XXL for about two weeks. I’m trying everything out. It’s good to know that I can customize the heck out of text. Thanks again!

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