Unpacking the Nomad. What is it that I see?


In one of the boxes that came with my Nomad, there is a small reddish block and a rectangular plate that has adhesive tape on the side that has a metal finish. What are those?

Also, I see three tie wraps sticking out on the rail where the moving table sits. Do I have to turn the machine on the side to cut them?

Please don’t laugh. Ok, you can laugh now. It’s just that there are no instructions at all in the package I received.



Sample material for your first project?

Thanks Will for pointing me in the right direction. I see that the other sheet is very probably this: https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/materials/products/aluminum-composite-panel-4x5?variant=9063665411

What about the tie wraps? How do I handle them?


Anything here help? http://carbide3d.com/docs/getting-started-nomad-pro/

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Thanks for your patience. Your posts answered all my questions. I should have read the welcome letter more carefully … I guess I was too excited.

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No problem! Glad to help!

Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing your projects!

They should really include some basic setup instructions with the unit though.

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