Unsupported Y axis leadscrew on Nomad 3

Quick question for any Nomad 3 owners out there, would you mind checking if your Y axis lead screw is supported at the front end please?

I was cleaning the leadscrews and rails the other day and noticed mine is unsupported and free to wobble around. You can see where it’s been slightly grinding away on the aluminium frame:

On the other hand, the X axis leadscrew is supported by this brass piece.


I have the older Nomad 833 so I’m not really answering your question precisely, but on those machines the end of both the X and Y axis are ‘free’. It rattles a bit but I think it is normal, at least for that machine.

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I have the 883 Pro and the X-axis is embedded in a chunk of plastic (PTFE?) embedded in the frame.

Can’t easily access the Y-axis though I’m afraid.

That end of the screw doesn’t really need support anyway as it doesn’t bear any load. Even with the nicer ballscrews, that end of the screw is usually held with a “floating” support with a ball bearing that slides within its housing.

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