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A awhile ago I posted about some of the new stuff I got for my shapeoko. Remote mouse, large screen 32 tv to use as a monitor. While I have since had a few days to work with everything and can say I only wish I would of invested in this when I first purchased my xxl. Being able to operate the xxl away from my laptop is great. Being able to view everything on a 32 inch screen that is mounted next to my xxl I also great. I can now operate the xxl see everything while keeping my laptop in a cleaner environment. So I would suggest anyone who has one get the remote mouse. I purchased the one Ben Williams uses in his videos and having a large screen to view everything on and operate cm on is even better.


As my eyes are aging I’m finding it tougher to work on small screens. At my day job I have dual 24” monitors, but something like 32” would be really nice. I’ve had a 24” mounted to my XXL bench almost since I’ve owned it (3+ years), before that I had a tablet PC for about a month and it drove me nuts. I use wireless mouse, keyboard and separate 10-key for jogging. That small stuff really adds to the ease of use on these machines…and they’re cheap these days, so why not?


Yep they are cheap now. I picked up my 32 inch for 89.00 came with an HDMI cable however I purchased a longer one. Was nothing to connect. Plugged into laptop picked HDMI 1 on tv and that was it. Displayed the laptop screen on tv.

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