Update 474 Carbide create/motion

I’m late to the party and recently updated to the 474 carbide create software. Since I’ve updated, I’ve noticed in carbide motion it doesn’t ask to make sure bit whatever is in. I also noticed when I press start I have it to press it twice. Some times the z axis doesn’t raise from where I set the zero and drags across the wood. What could be causing this issue? My retract height is .3940 in and it’s always been set to this with no problems before the update.

can you check which post processor is set in the carbide create settings ?

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It’s on the carbide 3D Shapeoko setting.

Have you regenerated the G-Code since setting that?

I haven’t changed any settings. The settings were already set to that.

Please send a matching pair of .c2d file, generated G-Code, and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it, and a photo showing a failed attempt at cutting to support@carbide3d.com (or post them here).

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