Updated to CM4, existing NC file now fails


just some feedback on this…

I just had the issue today, after upgrading to 412. The issue is still there when “:allow helical …” enabled. When disabled, it works.


Yeah I don’t think this is resolved yet.

I’ve unfortunately been super busy at work for the past few months so I didn’t have time to re-flash yet again from 3 to 4 (and then presumably back), but last time I tried it, the issue definitely still reproduced with 4.1.2.

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Please send files which exhibit this problem in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll try to get a developer to look into them.

I finally got around to trying it again and I can’t seem to reproduce the problem anymore, not sure what changed. I used the exact same GRBL and CM update/installer files that I already tried a few months ago.

Both gcode files that I sent to support (mainv3.nc and charger_bottom4.nc) ran all the way to the end now.

I’ll start using the machine with CM4 now and if I encounter any other gcode files that trigger the issue, I’ll follow up here and send them to support again.

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