Updating gbrl software program

Hi All,
When downloading the program to update the gbrl controller I get " not compatible ", check for 32 or 64 bit system.
Where do I find the download for Win 7 32 bit operating system. Tried several times, no luck.


The Carbide 3D updater is a 64-bit program — if you wish to re-flash using a 32-bit computer you’ll need to use Xloader or the Arduino SDK: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Flashing-Grbl-to-an-Arduino

Thanks ! I’ll drag out my spare 64 bit computer and hook it up. I assume after installation I can run with my dedicated 32 bit setup ? Does the compatible Carbide motion upgrade work on 32 bit, by the way ?


Carbide Motion and Create are both 32-bit last I checked — it’s just the updater which is 64-bit AFAIK.

Hi Will,
Got everything updated today and all seems O.K.( Hooked the 64 bit computer) Need to cut a test part yet.
Do you use the same MDI commands for calibration as before ?

Thanks for the help !

Yes, the basics of Grbl are the same — the differences are mostly in how comm / control apps interact (and under the hood goodness).