Upgraded Board from 2.2 to 2.4 ... many issues

Had my old control board (2.2) fry and ordered a replacement board (2.4), nothing seems to work now.
Older S3 #1192, no limit switches etc…

Fired up CM 3XX and it would move, seemed to run gcode (air cutting) properly but it wont show machine positioning.
Tried to run a z-only gcode and CM refused to load it (forgot to SS the error)
Tried to run my UGCS, it wont run without unlocking $X command and noticed that it wont show the positioning either.
Again tried the z-zero code in UGCS and it errors out after completing it, not that it would be useful since it wont actually read the Z position.

Updated to CM 4x. completely unusable as it wont let me jog the machine without a homing cycle that cant be run w/o limit switches.

I would imagine my issues are with the grbl .9 to 1.1 change, I have no idea what I can do about this. I cant run the machine on UGCS or CM?

Super frustrated at this point.

Correct. Your new board shipped with Grbl 1.1 which CM3 doesn’t support.

You should be able to use a newer (nightly?) build of UGS which supports Grbl 1.1.

If you wish to use CM3 revert to Grbl 0.9: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

I cannot use CM4 without limit switches then?


Try CNCjs if you haven’t yet. If you really want to use Carbide Motion, why not just add homing switches? You’ll love the value they bring when you get used to the workflow.

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Well that’s sad/silly…
Tried the Demo of IntelliG-Code and it works! Even loads my z-zero gcode that UGCS and CM wouldnt work with… weird … but its another $49.
I don’t see homing switches on Carbides site anymore, thought they sold them?

I’d try contacting support.

Thanks neilferreri!
I’ll probably end up ordering the switches soon. Bought IntelliG-Code for now because I needed to get up and running asap.

Tried several versions of UGCS and all of them seemed to have issues, positioning etc…

I abandoned CM almost as soon as I tried it, and then I tried everything. Was using chilipeppr (liked the UI, but not the way it connected) and bcnc (tons of well implemented features, but the UI is stuck in the 90s). Tried ugs, but it all fell apart with Grbl 1.1. Went to CNCjs and haven’t looked back.

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As @neilferreri noted, contact us at support@carbide3d.com to buy the homing switch upgrade for your machine.

I use current UGS all the time with 1.1, works great. They have an issue with putting their latest nightlies onto the web site.

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