Upgraded Create......?

Just opened carbide create and tried to save a toolpath after a 3 week absence.
I cant seem to save my toolpaths from create with the new upgrade???
is there a tutorial for it?

The latest version of carbide create cannot save gcode separately. The latest version of carbide motion supports directly loading the toolpaths from a carbide create file. I believe there is a website carbide 3d has put up that allows you to separate it if you want.

where do I find the “website”
I’ve looked at their software descriptions and associated info…nothing I can find talks about the update or how to create tools paths!

Not sure, I don’t use carbide create. The website did exist at some point. Somebody else will have to help there. If you are using Carbide Motion with a Shapeoko or Nomad, you don’t need it though. Just create the tool paths in Carbide Create and then load that same file into Carbide Motion and run it.

Edit: If you want to directly export gcode from Carbide Create, you need Carbide Create Pro. The other ways to get the gcode out of the Carbide Create file is through the export feature that is in Carbide Motion (you need to have a shapeoko or nomad connected) or through a website that Carbide 3D made.

I have been able to use the older version of create. The learning curve has been steep!
Now, I’m about ready to throw in the towel, sell my XXL and buy another machine.
i have looked at a couple of other machines at a local guys flag/sign shop.
the imbedded software was fairly simple.

Have you tried asking for help with support? They have several people that just help people learn. @WillAdams can probably help here.

I’ll give that a try.
thank you!

For the details on this see:

The gcode exporter is here: Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7

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